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"I have had a long-term professional relationship with Terry for one simple reason…..I think he provides my clients with the best home inspection services available in our market. His professional demeanor and integrity ensure that buyers and sellers alike feel comfortable with the process. It sounds like a cliché, but his willingness to follow up with clients and "go the extra mile" mean a lot when you are in a service-oriented industry. He's an integral part of my team!"

Nancy Cheely, Realtor
Joyner Fine Properties

"Terry Jenkins is an invaluable asset to homebuyers and realtors alike. He always takes the time needed to ensure the buyer has a complete understanding of the home they are purchasing. He is experienced, thorough and reliable - a true professional! Terry is the only home inspector I recommend to my clients."

Kim Gentil, Broker/Owner
The Gentil Company

"Terry Jenkins has inspected my personal and business properties for many years. When we were building a new house, Terry worked out a plan for scheduled inspections. Issues were pointed out and were easily resolved, preventing major problems in the future. I highly recommend Terry for evaluating and protecting your property investments."

John Hodgson